The availablity of Biomass Wood Pellet fuel

Top of the list of concerns and queries at pretty much every client sales visit, has always been the availability and security of supply, of biomass wood pellet fuel. This is a valid issue, as clients need to be assured that when they invest in biomass they will be supported, not least by the long term availablity of consumables.

So, it is particularly gratifying to see that wood pellet fuel is becoming increasingly accessible. The Verdo site in Andover (which I look forward to visiting very soon, to see the operation for myself) will produce 55,000 tonnes annually, Plumb Centre now supply Brites fuel at 500 of their branches nationwide and, of course, you can now purchase fuel online via our website. This now means that the supply of wood pellets will not be as hit and miss as it originally was, which is great news for everyone involved in the industry!

Commercial RHI from Monday 28th November 2011

We have today received an email from DECC about the commencement of the Commercial RHI. This is very exciting and is exactly what everyone in the industry has been waiting to hear!  The final paragraph of the email refers to the domestic RHI and the language and choice of wording is extremely encouraging – we look forward to confirmation on this and will keep you up to date on it as soon as we hear!  Here is the email in its entirety: From: DECC Renewable Heat Incentive []    Sent: 25 November 2011 10:36   Subject: Renewable Heat Incentive  ” I am pleased to inform you that the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for industrial, commercial, public sector and not-for-profit and community installations will open its doors for applications from Monday 28 November 2011. This follows the successful passage of the revised RHI Regulations through Parliament this week.    The start of the scheme follows a short delay from the planned 30 September launch date while we resolved the scheme’s compatibility with EU state aid rules. Approval of the scheme by the European Commission was given on the condition that the large biomass tariff was reduced from 2.7p per kWh to 1p per kWh. In order to minimise the impact of this condition we decided to implement the Commission’s decision and redraft the Regulations, which then had to be submitted for Parliamentary approval.     Ofgem’s detailed Guidance documents are available on their website at  Alternatively their enquiries centre can be reached on  0845 200 2122  or by email to     Further information about the policy underpinning the scheme can be found on our website at  If you are interested in the opportunities available for householders, the Renewable Heat Premium Payment scheme is already up and running.  This scheme provides money off renewable heat technologies for householders.  Vouchers are still available – householders have until 31st March next year to apply.   Please contact the Energy Saving Trust (EST) if you are interested in applying for support under this scheme on     0800 512 012   or by visiting their website at There will also be support for householders under the second phase of the RHI, the timing of which will be confirmed early in the new year.  The Government remains absolutely committed to driving the renewable heat agenda not just in the industrial, business and public sector, but in the domestic sector as well. Kind Regards, Renewable Heat Incentive Team”

What’s the best thing about your biomass boiler?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job has always been client liaison. I have never found boilers or flue parts particularly captivating (although a Windhager Biowin 600 is quite impressive) but I do love the client side; the reality of the solution; the benefits that the instal will bring for the client.  When I am lucky enough to be in a position to follow a particular project through from the survey and design stage, to the final installation, then one of the things that I relish is to ask the client “what’s the best thing about your boiler?” I’ve had some great responses to this question; from “my utility area is like a chinese laundry” to “the house is so toasty”. However, my favourite so far, came today from the proud owner of an MCZ  Suite who said “I am the envy of my dinner party guests – they all want one!”

Installers under my feet!

The Wessex team of installers have been working solidly, on back to back instals, over the past few weeks. It’s good to have the rare opportunity to see them in the office (even if they do get under my feet and make the place look untidy), finalising preparations for the jobs we have scheduled between now and Christmas. Last week’s project saw them working away from home, in Hertfordshire but next week they will be local. This will mean that they wont have to miss their creature comforts (and their wives and families) quite so much! Here in the office, we are working on an exciting new project regarding fuel, which should revolutionise the way in which our client’s can purchase wood pellets for their biomass boilers and stoves. More on that, hot off the press, as soon as the finer points have been agreed! Angie Nicholls