The back to work blues

Dispatching the kids off to school with far more cheerfulness than I felt and sitting behind my desk after the Christmas break, was not a joyful experience for me on Tuesday! However, I summoned up all the positivity that I could muster and, boosted by several cups of coffee, began my follow up calls. It soon became apparent that I was not the only one feeling dispirited at being back at work but, what was also clear was the general feeling of positivity and interest in the industry. The majority of people that I spoke with were well informed and keen to learn more. I would perhaps have expected this kind of response from the domestic market but these contacts were business people , a sector notoriously cagey and reticent about the prospect of spending money! Not for the first time did I reflect on just how different this business is from any other that I have been involved in. Having spent 10 years in a legal environment and another 15 in marketing, the past 2 years spent in this industry have been refreshingly positive. Not only is it an industry that I believe in ( and I say this without apology because it is said with utter sincerity) but, it would seem that I am not alone. So, today I have a spring in my step which, by my standards, isn’t bad for only the third day back!Happy New Year!Angie

RHI update great news

What a great way to end the week!  I received the e-mail update from DECC this morning about the commencement of the Commercial RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) next Monday and although this was in itself great news, what was even better for me was the last line of the announcement:- “There will also be support for householders under the second phase of the RHI, the timing of which will be confirmed early in the new year.  The Government remains absolutely committed to driving the renewable heat agenda not just in the industrial, business and public sector, but in the domestic sector as well”. At an industry meeting in London two weeks ago, I was fortunate to sit next to the recently appointed Head of the RHI Team, Fiona Mettam, who I think was very brave to come to the meeting and enter the  lions den  so to speak, as during the Q&A session at the end of the meeting she and her DECC colleagues took quite a lot of flak about the delays in the RHI.  The meeting vigorously expressed its views about the situation and asked Fiona to be as concrete about the plans for the extension of the RHI to the domestic sector, as she was able to be, (within the restrictions of her position), as soon as she was able to.  Well, she obviously had her listening ears on that morning and I think todays statement is a really positive step forward. I think it is worth repeating the part of the statement that has encouraged me to post my first ever blog   “ The Government remains absolutely committed to driving the renewable heat agenda in the domestic sector”.    The declaration that the timing issues around RHI Phase 2 will be confirmed early in the new year  is also great news and couldn’t come sooner for many of our prospective customers, who are just itching to sign an order with us and kiss goodbye to their dependency on fossil fuels forever! The faster the better please Fiona! Peregrine Nicholls