Our house is toastie!

I am pleased to report that our biomass installation is now complete and that our house is very toastie! By Friday, with the thermometer dropping to below freezing and snow predicted for the weekend, I have to admit that I had started to lose my sense of humour somewhat! I took the children off to their post school activities and then out to dinner – anything to delay coming back to a cold house! Steve had promised that he would do his level best to ensure that we had heating for the weekend but no promises had been made as he was dealing with a very “quirky” central heating system and pipes like “spaghetti junction” so I was not hopeful and, I was very cold! As we walked into the house late on Friday evening, I could see the boiler flickering in my utility room and as I felt the radiators they were hot! The joy! Instant happiness – just add pellets! I now have a very toastie house, piping hot water, direct heat in my utility room (as we chose an MCZ living flame boiler) which also heats right through the hall and kitchen and, the ability to dry several loads of clean washing a day in my utility room. Most importantly, we have joined the happy throng of Wessex Biomass clients who no longer depend upon oil!

Diary of our install

Monday – So, the week of the install is finally here and the weather forecast does not look good! I do not feel as though I can complain though as I have been nagging for a slot for months. The heating comes off as the thermostat goes into the blue and I pop out to buy hot water bottles!

Wednesday – Piping hot water now - courtesy of our new water cylinder and Steve, who stayed late to get it all up and running! It Feels so good to have a hot bath, as we took the opportunity to replace our existing tank to increase capacity (teenagers in the house) which meant 24 hours without hot water, this was not pleasant. It’s freezing today so thank heaven for the wood burner!

The marriage of Biomass and Solar Thermal

As part of our continuing project to end our (personal) dependency on oil, we plan to instal Solar Thermal in addition to, and to work alongside, our Biomass boiler (due to go in at the end of this month). The reason that we have decided to do this, is due to the complimentary nature of the two renewable technologies. During the summer months, it is very likely that solar will serve as the only form of heating roducer of hot water – meaning no bills!  During the winter months solar can take the edge off, depending upon how sunny it is! So, it is a bit of a win/win situation.  The only downside for me, is that it will mean the installation of two pieces of equipment – this is a downside as the work continues, piecemeal because I have to grab an installer as and when one becomes available. So far, we have installed two biomass stoves (one in the garage which we have converted into a games room for the boys), one in the office and a Biomass Boiler (which I am very excited about) planned to go in our utility room, in a few weeks time. The work continues! Angie