Great night at the RSS Awards


Peregrine at the RSS awards 13Sept12

Peregrine at the RSS awards 13 Sept 2012

I had a very enjoyable time last night at the Renewable Awards. It was hosted by Gabi Logan, who did very well at handling 800 semi-inebriated individuals from the building trade! The event, plus the Renewables Roadshow that preceded it, made me realise just how big this industry is and what huge potential it has to make a difference in so many ways. The entire industry, not just biomass, seems poised for massive steps forward given the right levels of governmental & legislative support. More than this, it seems full of people with passion, and passion is a great way to stimulate success.

Peregrine Friday 14.09.12

Illuminating meeting with DECC

Meeting with DECC Head of Domestic RHI team last night

Yesterday I was fortunate to attend a meeting with Patrick Allcorn, the Head of the Domestic RHI at DECC. The occasion was a forum put together by a leading biomass boiler manufacturer in central London followed by a round table discussion with two top officials from DECC.

In the afternoon, 12 executives from all areas of domestic biomass, boiler manufacturers & distributors, fuel producers & suppliers and installation companies discussed what was felt necessary from the domestic RHI in order to “pump prime” the market and achieve the growth in residential biomass installations that the government wishes to see before 2020; whilst also frankly exchanging views about the current depressed state of the residential biomass sector.

Then in the evening we were joined by two important officials from DECC who briefed us on the current RHI position and listened to our thoughts on what we felt the RHI Phase 2 needs to include.

It was a very interesting day and I came away from it feeling a lot more positive about the RHI than I had been feeling, given all the rumours that have been flying around recently.

In essence I was left in no doubt that the domestic RHI will go ahead, very possibly on time too – the only issues to be resolved now are the duration (which looks like it will be 7 years) and the tariff rate per kW/hour.

Now we wait in eager anticipation for the publication of the consultation document later this month!