Our Credentials

We were asked recently about our credentials and, because we are not ones to brag, it felt uncomfortable. However, having thought about the question carefully, we could understand why it was asked – the client in question was going to be parting with his hard-earned cash and he wanted to make sure that we knew what we were doing and, that we were going to be around a while – after all, what use is a 2 year MCS Guarantee, if the company goes bust 6 months after the instal? So, with this thought in mind, please excuse us for some uncharacteristic boastfulness:-

  • We are one of the most experienced domestic biomass installers in Wiltshire (incidentally and to give this statement some context, the South West, as a region, is home to more than two thirds of all biomass installers nationally).
  • Wessex Biomass runs two teams – one for domestic and small to medium commercial installations and another for large commercial instals.
  • We were proud to be a part of the Government “Think Tank” (by invitation) during the consultation process on the domestic RHI.
  • Here at Wessex we specialise in biomass, are un-apologetically passionate about it and, have been so ever-since our first instal back in 2009.
  • Our clients are our greatest advocates, many of whom we have enjoyed long and enduring relationships with from our early installation days. Don’t take our word for any of the above – ask them. Simply contact us and we will make arrangements for you. You can talk candidly to them about us, their boilers, fuel or indeed any other aspect of biomass heating that you wish.