Merry Christmas!

As the “silly season” approaches and it’s time to reflect on the year that was 2014, it occurs to us that it was an extremely busy year, both here at Wessex and across the industry as a whole. The Wessex Team are looking forward to a well earned rest, a few mince pies and maybe even a glass of sherry or two! We will be closing for our seasonal break on 23rd December at 1:00pm and opening for business again on 5th January 2015 at 9:00am.

We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous new year and look forward to doing business with you in 2015!

The Wessex Biomass Team :) xx


The back to work blues

Dispatching the kids off to school with far more cheerfulness than I felt and sitting behind my desk after the Christmas break, was not a joyful experience for me on Tuesday! However, I summoned up all the positivity that I could muster and, boosted by several cups of coffee, began my follow up calls. It soon became apparent that I was not the only one feeling dispirited at being back at work but, what was also clear was the general feeling of positivity and interest in the industry. The majority of people that I spoke with were well informed and keen to learn more. I would perhaps have expected this kind of response from the domestic market but these contacts were business people , a sector notoriously cagey and reticent about the prospect of spending money! Not for the first time did I reflect on just how different this business is from any other that I have been involved in. Having spent 10 years in a legal environment and another 15 in marketing, the past 2 years spent in this industry have been refreshingly positive. Not only is it an industry that I believe in ( and I say this without apology because it is said with utter sincerity) but, it would seem that I am not alone. So, today I have a spring in my step which, by my standards, isn’t bad for only the third day back!Happy New Year!Angie

What’s the best thing about your biomass boiler?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job has always been client liaison. I have never found boilers or flue parts particularly captivating (although a Windhager Biowin 600 is quite impressive) but I do love the client side; the reality of the solution; the benefits that the instal will bring for the client.  When I am lucky enough to be in a position to follow a particular project through from the survey and design stage, to the final installation, then one of the things that I relish is to ask the client “what’s the best thing about your boiler?” I’ve had some great responses to this question; from “my utility area is like a chinese laundry” to “the house is so toasty”. However, my favourite so far, came today from the proud owner of an MCZ  Suite who said “I am the envy of my dinner party guests – they all want one!”

Installers under my feet!

The Wessex team of installers have been working solidly, on back to back instals, over the past few weeks. It’s good to have the rare opportunity to see them in the office (even if they do get under my feet and make the place look untidy), finalising preparations for the jobs we have scheduled between now and Christmas. Last week’s project saw them working away from home, in Hertfordshire but next week they will be local. This will mean that they wont have to miss their creature comforts (and their wives and families) quite so much! Here in the office, we are working on an exciting new project regarding fuel, which should revolutionise the way in which our client’s can purchase wood pellets for their biomass boilers and stoves. More on that, hot off the press, as soon as the finer points have been agreed! Angie Nicholls

Europe’s first road bridge opens built entirely from recycled plastic bottles

A squad of sappers from the Royal Engineers has helped build the first road bridge in Europe to be made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.   The eco construction was made possible after an innovative Welsh company turned 50 tonnes of waste plastic into a record 90-foot thermoplastic road bridge suitable for heavy good vehicles. Start-up company Vertech Limited partnered with Dawyck Estates, specialist bridge designer Cass Hayward LLP, Cardiff University’s School of Engineering, Rutgers University’s AAMIPP Department and Axion International  with support from the Welsh Assembly Government  to make the project a reality. The bridge now spans the River Tweed at Easter Dawyck in Peeblesshire and forms part of the historic John Buchan Way. It was built off-site and assembled in just four days by a team from Glendinning Groundworks, a local Peeblesshire contractor, and 10 Field Squardron (Air Support), Royal Engineers.

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to our shiny new blog page! This section of the website is intended to highlight relevant green issues; showcase our projects in progress; discuss various customer requirements and generally update you on life here at Wessex  Biomass.  As such, should there be a particular issue that you would like us to investigate and write about, then please do not hesitate to email us and we will do our very best to oblige! During the coming weeks and months, Peregrine, Steve and I all intend to contribute to this page.  As we are involved in different areas of the business and have very different personalities and  voices  this should bring a varied and eclectic style and tone to our blogging. As I write, many of us will have already marked that well known start to the winter season, by turning on our central heating systems and speculating on what the cost of heating oil or LPG will reach by Christmas. I am, however, enjoying the considerable heat and comfort of our MCZ Face Air wood pellet stove, from my desk in the office and, eagerly anticipating being in a position to do the same in our house, just as soon as a team of Wessex Biomass installers becomes available to fit the newly accredited MCZ RED Compact 24 for me!   My only issue with the stove in the office is that I keep tripping over the curled up and sloth-like dogs snoring in front of it, when filling the hopper  it’s a dog’s life! Angie Nicholls