Exciting instal with record-breaking domestic RHI return

The domestic RHI can be very lucrative – ask us about a FREE site visit to assess the suitability of biomass for your home

We are very excited about one of our current projects, up in Malvern in Worcestershire. 2 x 35kw Biowin Excels running in cascade, with full weather conmpensation Windhager Specialist MES controls (which alone will save the client 13% per annum on fuel), a 7 tonne pellet store and 6 metres of pipework from the boiler room to the house. The most exciting thing about this project is not the beautiful rolling Malvern hills, not the two shiny Biowin Excels (the workhorses of the Windhager family) but the whopping £110,000 that our clients will receive from the Government, under the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), over a 7 year period. We were blown away by this figure and it tops the charts as being one of the highest that we have personally seen, under the Domestic RHI,  to date!



Biomass Wood Gasification Boilers

We have installed several biomass wood gasification boilers recently; always an exciting project for our installers as they (that’s the boilers) feel very “manly” and “neanderthal”  - apparently! Always exciting projects for us as a business because, when fitted correctly and in the right context, they represent great value for money and probably the most cost effective form of fuel . For clients who work in the timber industry or who can lay their hands on a plentiful supply of suitable wood, they are a no-brainer and, of course, under the RHI scheme, the Government pays you to use them – joy!

Biomass Wood Gasification boiler

Windhager Biomass Wood Gasification boilers – the science is simple; the effects are extraordinary

Biomass Wood Gasification Boiler installed recently for a client in Chippenham

Feeding your biomass boiler – hand-fed or hopper-fed?

When considering the feasibility of biomass, whether to opt for a manual, hand-fed, wood pellet biomass boiler or one fed via an external hopper, is usually pretty high up on our clients’ decision making lists. Some clients have clear ideas about what they’d like and others are not so sure.

Here at Wessex Biomass, we are happy to accommodate whatever you have in mind and budget; we recently designed a bespoke hopper solution for a client, in the eaves of his garage, utilising otherwise lost and unused space.

Bag fed units have an internal hopper which generally holds about 2.5 bags (roughly a day’s worth of pellets during cold winter months). We have one of these at home and I put in 2 bags a day during winter months and one bag every other day during the summer, when the boiler is only used for heating water.

Of our clients who opted for an external hopper-fed biomass boiler, some have hoppers which hold a few month’s worth of wood pellets and others hold several tonnes worth, only needing to be filled a couple of times per year. The choice is yours and will depend upon your budget, the level of interaction you desire with your boiler (if you are used to a wood-burner then filling a biomass boiler once a day, with a small bag of pellets is no trouble) and the amount of space that you have available. Give us a call to discuss – we are always happy to talk biomass!

Cheeky canines love biomass living flame boiler

It is very cold outside, cold and wet and our dogs do not like this. However, they are closer to our biomass boiler than Building Regs dictate and so I have to keep moving them whenever I come into the Utility Room,(at least Molly has the decency to look chastised and the Bassett won’t even make eye contact). Once my back is turned, they are back there again, short of locking them out, I am powerless in the face of the goddess of heat that is Sandy our biomass

Dogs in front of our biomass boiler

Our dogs all toastie in front of our living flame biomass boiler

boiler. So beware, once you have one of these toastie living flame biomass boilers installed, you may have to fight to get near it or, in my case, fall over dogs every time I need to fill it with pellets!

Domestic RHI

We are receiving some great feedback from our clients regarding their domestic RHI applications; our current record is Alan Moore, whose application was agreed in 10 seconds -  he is looking forward to his first payment from the government any day now. Our personal application (for our 22kw MCZ Musa in our house) has been agreed and we are expecting our first payment on Christmas Day!



Great night at the RSS Awards


Peregrine at the RSS awards 13Sept12

Peregrine at the RSS awards 13 Sept 2012

I had a very enjoyable time last night at the Renewable Awards. It was hosted by Gabi Logan, who did very well at handling 800 semi-inebriated individuals from the building trade! The event, plus the Renewables Roadshow that preceded it, made me realise just how big this industry is and what huge potential it has to make a difference in so many ways. The entire industry, not just biomass, seems poised for massive steps forward given the right levels of governmental & legislative support. More than this, it seems full of people with passion, and passion is a great way to stimulate success.

Peregrine Friday 14.09.12